IEEE International Conference on Communications – (RAFNET 2019)

6th International Workshop on Research Advancements in Future Networking Technologies

Recently, a lot of research efforts have been made by both academia and industry side to promote various new and emerging network paradigms. The reason is that during the past decade, it has been realized that the current internet architecture was originally designed for end-to-end host centric communications, however, the actual focal of communications is the content itself. Hence, we have witnessed new architectures such as an Information-Centric Network (ICN) with various extensions like Content-Centric Network (CCN), Named Data Network (NDN), Data-Oriented Network Architecture, and so on. On the other hand, enormous efforts in cellular networks have been made for improving the user experience and as a result, today, we are able to use LTE-A and other networks. In this context, the upcoming 5G networking architectures, whose ongoing research is focused on the networking mechanisms regarding the massive increase in the number of connected devices, bandwidth requirements, reduced latency, and the deployment of supporting operational mechanisms such as network virtualization, cloud-based deployments, mobile edge computing, and storage and new utilization scenarios. Moreover, these modern technologies are being applied in other networking domains as well, including VANETs, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Big Data, etc.

The 6th RAFNET workshop was in Shanghai, China on May 24, 2019. The workshop had a panel discussion on the topic “ICN coming out of age” with members from the NDN Project team being the panelists. The workshop also had several NDN papers presented. The papers and presentations will be added shortly to this website.

More details about the Workshop can be found in RAFNET 2019

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