Experimentations using the NDN Testbed

This page lists experimentation that has used or is using the NDN Testbed.

  1. Area: Real-Time Videoconferencing
    Organizations: UCLA REMAP
    Principals: Peter Gusev, Jeff Burke
    Brief Description: Implementing real time video conferencing over NDN

  2. Area: Network Management
    Organizations: Washington University
    Principals: Patrick Crowley, Hila Ben Abraham, John DeHart
    Brief description: Implementing NDN Network monitoring using NDN.

    • Experiments with the Emulated NDN Testbed in ONL
      by Ze’ev Lailari, Hila Ben Abraham, Ben Aronberg, Jackie Hudepohl, Haowei Yuan, John D. DeHart, Jyoti Parwatikar, and Patrick Crowley.  In 2nd ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN 2015), pages 219-220, San Francisco, CA, Sep 2015.
  3. Area: Security and Privacy
    Organizations: University of Padua, UCI, etc.
    Principals: Alberto Compagno, Mauro Conti, Gene Tsudik, etc
    Brief description: Investigating NDN security with regard to privacy and geolocation.

  4. Area: VM Migration
    Organization: Tongji University
    Principals: Dalu Zhang, Dejiang Zhou
    Brief description: Comparing VM migration performance across multiple network paradigms.

    • Paper under review.
  5. Area: Consumer/Producer API development
    Organizations: UCLA, Tsinghua Univ.
    Principals: Ilya Moiseenko, Lijing Wang, Lixia Zhang
    Brief Description: Implementing a Consumer/Producer API over NDN