NDN Hackathons

11th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. NDN-FCH: The Big Rewrite
  2. NDN Compute Simulator (ndnCSim)
  3. NDN Play
  4. Mini-NDN Improvements
  5. CertCoalesce: NDN Certificate Pools

10th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. Passive Name Visualizer
  2. Deploy NDNCERT v0.3 on Testbed
  3. YaNFD: Yet Another NDN Forwarder
  4. Combat Fake News with screenshot verification
  5. NFD Strategy Plugin System

9th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. NFD on OpenWrt Home Router
  2. Enhanced Testbed Monitoring and FCH Service
  3. NDN mailing List Search Tool
  4. Simulating Multicast Suppression Scheme
  5. Migrate multipath forwarding strategy to latest ndnSIM and integrate ns3 TrafficControlLayer
  6. NDNCERT-v2: Debug, Deploy, Dominate
  7. NFD-Android Enhancements
  8. NDN-Lite Over LoRa Network/li>
  9. Service discovery for IoT devices through PSync FullSync

8th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. Enhance Testbed Status Page and NDN-FCH Service
  2. Four-Layer Improvement of esp8266ndn
  3. Implementing the new Signed Interest in ndn-lite
  4. NDN-Lite: Integrate Service Discovery and Access Control and Schematized Trust
  5. NFD-Android Enhancements
  6. Self-Learning for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
  7. PSync for Repos
  8. Fix Ndncatchunks Performance Issues
  9. Improve the Wireshark dissector for NDN
  10. Vector Sync for MANET

7th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. Interest Buffering
  2. Modernize ndn-js
  3. Why Fractalide
  4. Named Reddit
  5. 3D Visualization of NDN Traffic
  6. Refactor encoding and decoding in NDN-RIOT
  7. Mini-NDN documentation
  8. Self-learning Forwarding Strategy: NFD Implementation and Testing

6th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. NFD Management Thread
  2. Porting PSync C++ library to Java
  3. IoT security bootstrapping with NDN
  4. Implement State Vector Sync (SVS) and Apply It to Repo
  5. Make NDN Congestion Control work in ndnSIM
  6. A Basic Forwarding Strategy for Ad-hoc Networks in NFD

5th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. Firefly: A globally scalable message bus with NDN at the edge
  2. Implementing Broadcast-based Self-learning Forwarding Strategy in NFD
  3. Demonstrating the Benefits of In-Network Congestion Detection
  4. NFD Measurements Table Manager
  5. NDN Snapchat
  6. NFD Content Store Management

4th NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. ndnSIM Mobile Simulation Package
  2. Mini-NDN Wi-Fi
  3. Initial Implementation of Interest Digest in NFD
  4. NDN Maps application
  5. Namespace synchronization with the Common Name Library
  6. Ethernet Unicast Face

3rd NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. SQL-based Repository
  2. NDN Stack for ESP8266 Microcontroller
  3. Ad-hoc NDN Relay with MicroForwarder
  4. HR Next Phase
  5. nlsrSIM
  6. Android NDN auto-configuration
  7. New Congestion Adaptation for ndncatchunks

2nd NDN Hackathon  

Hackathon projects:
  1. Logging Facility in ndn-cxx
  2. Mini-NDN Real-time Interaction GUI
  3. Micro forwarder Firefox add-on
  4. OSX Binary Release with NFD Control Center
  5. NFD-android auto-configuration
  6. NDNFit-NFN integration
  7. NDN-RTC congestion control