NDNcomm 2015 agenda and livestream

NDN Hackathon: 26-27 September 2015

This weekend will be first NDN hackathon scheduled prior to the upcoming NDNcomm 2015. Details can be found on the NDN Hackathon Participants Guide.

NDNcomm 2015: 28-29 September 2015

The NDN Community Meeting (NDNcomm 2015) will be held Monday and Tuesday, September 28-29, hosted by the University of California Los Angeles. This two-day meeting will provide an opportunity for the community to exchange research experience and results, to discuss the current state and future directions of the NDN architecture, and to identify remaining issues.

NDNcomm 2015 will be held in the Little Theater, Macgowan Hall, UCLA. The main NDNcomm event will be livestreamed on Day 1 (Monday) and Day 2 (Tuesday). Slides submitted from speakers will eventually be posted to the NDNcomm 2015 agenda, and additional information will be posted to the NDNcomm 2015 site.

Contact ndn-registration@caida.org for questions.

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