NDNcomm 2015: 2nd NDN community meeting

We are pleased to announce the second NDNcomm meeting, to be hosted by UCLA
on September 28-29, 2015, right before ACM ICN conference in San Francisco
(9/30 – 10/2). This two-day meeting will provide an opportunity for the
community to exchange research experience and results, to discuss the
current state and future directions of the NDN architecture, and to identify
remaining issues. We also plan to hold a Hackathon on Sunday September
27th, the day before the meeting.

Registration is not yet open, but for international visitors: If you think
you are interested in participating, please be aware that in order to attend
NDNcomm 2015 you may need a visa to enter the United States. Attendees are
responsible for attaining their own visas, but we can assist by providing a
letter of invitation if your local consular office requires it. Please
contact ndn-registration@caida.org

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