10th NDN Hackathon – October 17-18, 2020

A two-day Virtual NDN Hackathon will be hosted on October 17 – October 18, 2020.
The event is open and FREE to participate and the winners will get exciting FREE prizes!
The event targets all levels of participants and especially for beginners, it will be a good learning opportunity and get started with NDN.

To Register for the Hackathon, Click Here

Call for Hacks

We solicit hackathon project proposals that advance the state of NDN. Participants will have approximately 12 hours to work on their projects. Proposals should be submitted via web form.

We encourage projects that:

  • directly address NDN research needs
  • create new NDN tools or modify existing tools
  • create or improve documentation and how-to guides

Remote participation!

A video conference link will be sent out before the hackathon. With that, the remote participants can:

  • watch the project pitches
  • pitch projects
  • present projects

A slack channel will be created for communication.

For more details visit the Hackathon Page