NDN Project Monthly Newsletter for November 2014

The Named Data Networking (NDN) project team compiles and publishes this newletter monthly to inform the community about recent project activities, meetings, publications, code releases, and upcoming events. You can find these newsletters on the Named Data Networking Project website at http://named-data.net/category/newsletter/

1. Our recent annual report covers Named Data Net activities in 2013-14. The report summarizes highlights from our research spanning applications, routing, scalable forwarding, security and fundamental theory. It includes updates on forwarding daemon development and testbed deployment, and covers outreach activities such as education initiatives, our first NDN Community Workshop, the first ACM ICN conference, the NDN Consortium, and more. Please see http://named-data.net/project/annual-progress-summaries/2013-2014/ for the report in its entirety.

2. On 24 September 2014, The 1st ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN) included several offerings from the NDN Team:

3. We want to remind project enthusiasts that we make monthly updates to the NDN Frequently Asked Questions.

4. In September we had a tremendous turnout at our first NDN Community Meeting that emphasized architecture, applications, and collaboration with over 100 participants in attendance. We are still compiling the NDN Community Meeting Report and expect a draft 15 November 2014. Given the success of the first NDN Community Meeting, we plan to hold the 2015 NDN Community Meeting sometime in August.

5. Mark your calendars for 5-6 February 2015 when we plan to hold the next NDN Project Retreat. We will host the retreat again on the University of California at San Diego campus in La Jolla, CA. This retreat will host deep dive technical discussions. Watch this space for more specifics on the upcoming retreat’s agenda.

6. We urge folks to check the list of Named Data Networking project publications as we make regular updates to papers, technical reports, and project slide presentations.

In addition to the ICN tutorial and papers above:

7. On August 25, 2014 we released Version 0.3 of the NDN Platform codebase. The release includes platform documentation, the NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD), the ndn-cxx C++ library, the NDN Common Client library suite (NDN-CCL), the Named Data Link State Routing Protocol (NLSR), the next generation of ND repository (repo-ng), a ping application, a traffic generator, and a packet capture and analysis tool for NDN networks.

8. We started the 2014-2015 NDN Seminar series. The first Seminar was held Tuesday 4 November 2014 at 3:30pm (CT), 1:30pm (PT) and featured speaker Jeff Burke on “BOSS: Building Operating System Services“.

If you would like to be included in the NDN Seminars, please contact Jongdeog Lee .

For more information about the Named Data Networking (NDN) Project please visit http://www.named-data.net/.

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