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NDN-NP Project 2014-2015 Annual Report

We recently published our annual report covering our activities from May 2014 through April 2015. We excerpt the executive summary here, for the entire report see

The heart of the current Internet architecture is a simple, universal network layer (IP) which implements all the functionality necessary for global interconnectivity. This thin waist was the key enabler of the Internet’s explosive growth, but its design choice of naming communication endpoints is also the cause of many of today’s persistently unsolved problems. NDN retains the Internet’s hourglass architecture but evolves the thin waist to enable the creation of completely general distribution networks. The core element of this evolution is removing the restriction that packets can only name communication endpoints. As far as the network is concerned, the name in an NDN packet can name anything — an endpoint, a data chunk in a movie or a book, a command to turn on some lights, etc. This conceptually simple change allows NDN networks to use almost all of the Internet’s well-tested engineering properties to solve not only communication problems but also digital distribution and control problems.

Our first four years of NDN design and development efforts (which has a 4-month overlap with NDN-NP) tackled the challenge of turning this vision into an architectural framework capable of solving real problems. Our application-driven architecture development efforts force us to fill in architectural details, and most importantly, verify and shape the architectural direction. We translated our vision to a simple and elegant packet format design, a modular and extensible NDN forwarding daemon, and a set of libraries, including security support, to support application development. These achievements establish a platform that enabled us to tackle new application environments as we stated in the NDN-NP proposal: open mobile health applications, building automation and management systems, and multimedia applications. We achieved all our major milestones for the first year of the NDN-NP project. Highlights include:
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NDN Project Monthly Newsletter for December 2014

The NDN project team compiles and publishes this newsletter monthly to inform the community about recent activities, technical news, meetings, publications, presentations, code releases, and upcoming events. You can find these newsletters posted on the Named Data Networking Project blog.

  1. The NDN Community Workshop report for NDNcomm 2014 will be available in January.
  2. This month we welcome Intel Corporation to the NDN NP Consortium. Eve Schooler whom we have enjoyed at several of our NDN meetings will act as point of contact for Intel.
  3. We plan to hold the next NDN Project Technical Retreat on 5-6 February 2015 at the University of California, San Diego. This retreat will host deep dive technical discussions with a focus on security solution development for specific environments: (Ask Lixia if you wonder whether you should attend. The next NDNcomm meeting will be of more general interest and be held September 2015.)

Technical News

  1. The NDN Testbed has grown to 22 Nodes and 50 links. We have nodes in China, Japan, South Korea, France, Switzerland, Spain and the US. The most recent addition was Anyang University in South Korea.

    To see the latest information, check the status page. To see the bandwidth usage, see the Bandwidth Map.

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