VIP: A Framework for Joint Dynamic Forwarding and Caching in Named Data Networks

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Edmund Yeh, Tracey Ho, Ying Cui, Michael Burd, Ran Liu, Derek Leong
ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networking (ICN), September 2014.

Emerging information-centric networking architectures seek to optimally utilize both bandwidth and storage for efficient content distribution. This highlights the need for joint design of traffic engineering and caching strategies, in order to optimize network performance in view of both current traffic loads and future traffic demands. We present a systematic framework for joint dynamic interest request forwarding and dynamic cache placement and eviction, within the context of the Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture. The framework employs a virtual control plane which operates on the user demand rate in the network, and an actual plane which handles interest packets and data packets. We develop algorithms within the virtual plane to achieve network load balancing through dynamic forwarding and caching, thereby maximizing the user demand rate that the NDN network can satisfy. Numerical experiments within a number of network settings demonstrate the superior performance of the resulting algorithms