Chronos: Serverless Multi-User Chat Over NDN

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Chronos: Serverless Multi-User Chat Over NDN by Zhenkai Zhu, Chaoyi Bian, Alexander Afanasyev, Van Jacobson, and Lixia Zhang
NDN Technical Report NDN-0008, October, 2012.

Multi-user applications are commonly implemented using a centralized server. This paper presents a new design for multi-user chat applications (Chronos) that works in a distributed, serverless fashion over Named Data Networking. In Chronos, all participants share their views by exchanging the cryptographic digests of the chat room data set. A newly generated message causes a change of the digest at the message originator, which leads to retrieving the new data by all other participants in an efficient way and resynchronization of chat room views. Chronos does not have a single point of failure and eliminates traffic concentration problem of server-based implementations. We use simulations to evaluate and compare Chronos with a traditional serverbased chat room implementation. Our results demonstrate Chronos’ robustness and efficiency in data dissemination. Chronos’ approach of replacing centralized servers by distributed data synchronization can be applied to a variety of distributed applications to simplify design and ease deployment.

Obsoleted by: Let’s ChronoSync: Decentralized Dataset State Synchronization in Named Data Networking