NDNFS: An NDN-friendly File System

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NDNFS: An NDN-friendly File System. Wentao Shang, Zhe Wen, Qiuhan Ding, Alexander Afanasyev, and Lixia Zhang.
NDN, Technical Report NDN-0027, Revision 1: October 27, 2014.

NDNFS is a file system designed for Named Data Networking (NDN) and supports efficient data access by both local and remote applications. It provides the standard file system interface for local file operations, but stores files internally as NDN Data packets, which can be directly sent out as responses to the incoming Interests, saving the overhead of encoding the packets and generating signatures on the fly. A metadata protocol is also designed to assist remote access to NDNFS by communicating directory contents and file metadata explicitly with data consumers. By providing consistent data naming and organizing across different layers, NDNFS implements storage, transmission and security protection functionalities with a single data unit: the NDN Data packet.