Fetching content in Named Data Networking with embedded manifests

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Fetching content in Named Data Networking with embedded manifests. Ilya Moiseenko.
NDN, Technical Report NDN-0025, Revision 1: September 25, 2014.

Manifests are proposed to be a special type of content in Named Data Networking that contains meta-information about other Data packets: a
sequence of Data segments or completely independent information objects. While a great variety of useful meta-information exists, this document
focuses on the case when manifest contains a list of Data packet names. For example, a manifest containing full names (prefix + digest of the
packet) can be used by the consumer application for faster verification of data packets. Only the manifest object must be verified using the
public key cryptography, whereas all other Data packets listed in the manifest can be verified by simple computation of the digest and comparison
to the digest specified in already verified manifest. The purpose of this technical memo is to introduce the use of manifests for faster signing
and verification of Data packets without requiring an additional round-trip delay for manifest fetching