NDN Forwarder Manager: Improve the Usability of NDN Forwarders

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“NDN Forwarder Manager: Improving the Usability of NDN Forwarders”
by Xinyu Ma, Eric Newberry, Lixia Zhang

Up to now, configuring NDN for use on end hosts has generally been difficult due to the absence of graphical configuration interfaces. To improve the usability of NDN, we have developed the NDN Forwarder Manager (NDN-FM). NDN-FM provides a graphical interface for users to manage a local instance of the NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD), allowing them to monitor the status of the forwarder; create, update, and delete faces and routes; manage certificates; and run basic NDN debugging tools. NDN-FM can also be used to manage other NDN packet forwarders that support the NFD Management Protocol. In this report, we describe the implementation of NDN-FM, discuss the rationale for the design choices that were made during its development, and demonstrate the use cases of NDN-FM from the perspective of system administrators and end users to illustrate NDN-FM’s improvements to NDN usability.