ChronoChat on Android

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Tyler Vernon Smith, Alexander Afanasyev, Lixia Zhang. “ChronoChat on Android”, NDN, Technical Report NDN-0059, Revision 1: April 9, 2017

This report describes *ChronoChat-android*, an implementation of the ChronoChat instant message application for Android mobile devices. ChronoChat-android allows communication in a chatroom cooperatively hosted by ChronoChat clients. As in other ChronoChat implementations, chatroom participants may be connected via an NDN hub; ChronoChat-android also supports ad-hoc communication between mobile devices running NFD-android with Wi-Fi Direct support. This report will review the design and features of ChronoChat-android, focusing on aspects that are of particular importance to the Android platform. It will also compare ChronoChat-android to another Android app—NDN Whiteboard—and to the web-based ChronoChat-js implementation.