NDN Automatic Prefix Propagation

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NDN, Technical Report NDN-0045
by Yanbiao Li, Alexander Afanasyev, Junxiao Shi, Haitao Zhang, Zhiyi Zhang, Tianxiang Li, Edward Lu, Beichuan Zhang, Lan Wang, and Lixia Zhang
Revision 1: March 18, 2018

In an NDN network, when a producer application wants to publish data, it registers the data’s name prefix P with the local NDN forwarding Daemon (NFD) on the same host machine; this registration informs the local NFD where to forward Interests whose name falls under P . To propagate the reachability to P beyond the local NFD requires additional mechanisms, such as running routing protocol. This paper describes automatic prefix propagation protocol, an alternative to running a full-featured routing protocol on host machines connected to the NDN network via one or multiple NDN gateway routers. The automatic prefix propagation protocol uses the local configuration of NDN certificates and the inferred presence of gateway router(s) to automatically send remote registration request when necessary.