ndnSIM 2: An updated NDN simulator for NS-3

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Spyridon Mastorakis, Alexander Afanasyev, Ilya Moiseenko, and Lixia Zhang.
NDN, Technical Report NDN-0028

The fundamental departure of the Named-Data Networking (NDN) communication paradigm from the IP principles requires exten- sive evaluation through experimentation, and simulation is a necessary tool to enable the experimentation at scale. We released the first version of ndnSIM, an open source NS-3-based NDN simulator, back in June 2012. Since then, ndnSIM has undergone substantial development resulting in ndnSIM 2.0, which was released in January 2015. This paper reports the design and features of this new simulator version. The goal of the new release is to match the simulation platform to the latest advancements of NDN research. Therefore, it uses the ndn-cxx library (NDN C++ library with eXperimental eXtensions) and the NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD) to enable experiments with real code in a simulation environment.

Revision 2 (November 11, 2016): Updates for ndnSIM 2.1 and 2.2

– Added description of the simulation of applications written against the ndn-cxx library and the ndnSIM specific ndn::Face.
– Renamed the AppFace and NetDeviceFace classes of ndnSIM to AppLinkService and NetDeviceLinkService and updated the description of each one.
– Added description on the configurability support of the various parameters of NFD.
– Updated Table 1 and Figure 1 to add the nfd::face::LinkService, ndn::AppLinkService and ndn::NetDeviceLinkService classes.
– Revised the overall paper to refer to ndnSIM 2 in general instead of ndnSIM 2.0.

Revision 1 (January 27, 2015): Initial release