Map-and-Encap for Scaling NDN Routing

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Alexander Afanasyev, Cheng Yi, Lan Wang, Beichuan Zhang, and Lixia Zhang.
NDN, Technical Report NDN-0004

Named Data Networking (NDN) is a proposed information-centric design for the future Internet architecture. One key component of the architecture is direct use of application names to route requests for data, which raises a concern about routing scalability in an NDN network. In this paper we apply a well-known concept of Map-and-Encap to NDN routing to keep the size of the global routing table under control. More specifically, we securely map application names to one or more globally routed names whenever needed to inform the forwarding system of the whereabouts of the requested Data. This solution enables NDN routing to scale with Internet’s well understood routing protocols and operational practice, while keeping all the benefits of the new architecture.

Obsoleted by: SNAMP: Secure Namespace Mapping to Scale NDN Forwarding