NDN.JS: A JavaScript Client Library for Named Data Networking

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NDN.JS is the first JavaScript implementation of a client library for Named Data Networking (NDN). It facilitates NDN experimentation and usage by enabling end nodes to interact with an NDN network without installing the CCNx code package.
It is also a first step towards exploring an NDNbased Web architecture. NDN.JS is wire format compatible with CCNx and supports the basic NDN functions of content fetching and publishing using Interest/Data exchange.
NDN.JS works with modern Web browsers, including some browsers on mobile devices, that support JavaScript and HTML5 WebSocket. The client communicates with existing CCN routers via a simple Websocket proxy.
As a use case study, we create a Firefox Add-On over NDN.JS to enable content fetching using an ‘ndn:/’ URI scheme and identify several research issues in bringing NDN into existing browsers.