Breaking out of the Cloud: Local Trust Management and Rendezvous in Named Data Networking of Things

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Many emerging IoT approaches depend on cloud services to facili- tate interoperation of devices and services within them, even when all the communicating entities reside in the same local environ- ment, as in many “smart home” applications. While such designs o er a straightforward way to implement IoT applications using today’s TCP/IP protocol stack, they also introduce dependencies on external connectivity and services that are unnecessary and o en bri le. is paper uses the design of an IoT-enabled home enter- tainment application, dubbed Flow, to demonstrate how the Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture enables cloud-independent IoT applications. NDN enables local trust management and ren- dezvous service, which play a foundational role in realizing other IoT services. By employing application-de ned naming rather than host-based addressing at the network layer, and securing data di- rectly, NDN enables straightforward and robust implementation of these two core functions for IoT networks without cloud connec- tivity. At the same time, NDN-based IoT designs can employ cloud services to complement local system capabilities. A er describing the design and implementation of Flow, together with a discussion on preliminary generalization of the design, as an evaluation the paper conducts a brief thought exercise of how Flow could be real- ized using two popular IoT frameworks, Amazon’s AWS IoT service and the Apple HomeKit framework, and compares that with the real implementation over NDN.