Fuzzy Interest Forwarding

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K. Chan, B. Ko, S. Mastorakis, A. Afanasyev, and L. Zhang, “Fuzzy Interest forwarding,” in Proceedings of Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC), 2017.

In the current Named Data Networking implementation, forwarding a data request requires finding an exact match between the prefix of the name carried in the request and a forwarding table entry. However, consumers may not always know the exact naming, or an exact pre x, of their desired data. The current approach to this problem—establishing naming conventions and performing name lookup—can be infeasible in highly ad hoc, heterogeneous, and dynamic environments: the same data can be named using different terms or even languages, naming conventions may be minimal if they exist at all, and name lookups can be costly. In this paper, we present a fuzzy Interest forwarding approach that exploits semantic similarities between the names carried in Interest packets and the names of potentially matching data in CS and entries in FIB. We describe the fuzzy Interest forwarding approach and outline the semantic understanding function that determines the name matching.