NDN-RTC: Real-time videoconferencing over Named Data Networking

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P. Gusev and J. Burke. NDN-RTC: Real-time videoconferencing over Named Data Networking.
NDN, Technical Report NDN-0033.

NDN-RTC is a real-time videoconferencing library that employs Named Data Networking (NDN), a proposed future Internet architecture. It was designed to provide an end-user experience similar to Skype or Google Hangouts, while taking advantage of the NDN architecture’s name-based forwarding, data signatures, caching, and request aggregation. It demonstrates low-latency HD video communication over NDN, without direct producer-consumer coordination, which enables scaling to many consumers through the capacity of the network rather than the capacity of the producer. Internally, NDN-RTC employs widely used open source components, including the WebRTC library, VP9 codec, and OpenFEC for forward error correction. This paper presents the design, implementation in C++, and testing of NDN-RTC on the NDN testbed, using a demonstration GUI conferencing application, NdnCon.