Background: J. Alex Halderman


J. Alex Halderman is an assistant professor of computer science and
engineering at the University of Michigan. He is well known for developing the
“cold boot” attack against disk encryption, which altered widespread
thinking on security assumptions about the behavior of RAM, influenced
computer forensics practice, and inspired the creation of a new subfield of
theoretical cryptography. He also helped pioneer a new family of
techniques to resist Internet censorship by putting anticensorship
technology into the network’s core. In recent work, he exposed widespread
flaws in public key generation that compromised the security of 5-10% of
Internet hosts serving HTTPS and SSH. His work has won numerous
distinctions, including two best paper awards from the Usenix Security
conference. He received his Ph.D. in computer science in 2009 from


Alex Halderman’s research focuses on computer security and privacy, with an emphasis on problems that broadly
impact society and public policy.