ndn-cxx version 0.5.1

Release date: January 25, 2017


This is the last release of the library that supports NDN Certificate format version 1 and the existing implementations of validators. The upcoming 0.6.0 release will include multiple breaking changes of the security framework.

Changes since version 0.5.0:

New features:

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Old security framework. All old security framework classes are moved to ndn::security::v1 namespace in this release and will be removed in the next release.
  • Constant io::BASE_64, use io::BASE64 instead (issue #3741)
  • Headers management/nfd-*, use mgmt/nfd/* instead (issue #3760)
  • ndn::crypto::sha256 in favor of ndn::crypto::computeSha256Digest
  • security/cryptopp.hpp header. Use security/v1/cryptopp.hpp when needed, avoid direct include as CryptoPP dependency will be removed from future versions of the library.
  • security/identity-certificate.hpp header. Use security/v1/identity-certificate.hpp instead.
  • ndn::PublicKey, ndn::Certificate, ndn::IdentityCertificate, ndn::CertificateExtension, ndn::CertificateSubjectDescription. When necessary, use security::v1::PublicKey, security::v1::Certificate, security::v1::IdentityCertificate, security::v1::CertificateExtension, security::v1::CertificateSubjectDescription instead. The next release will feature a new version of NDN Certificate format.