ndn-cxx version 0.3.4

Release date: August 31, 2015

Changes since version 0.3.3:

New features:

  • By default, library is now compiled as a shared library (issue #2867)
  • Specification for the new NDN certificate format. The reference implementation is being developed and will be merged in a future release. (issue #2861)
  • Add new ValidityPeriod abstraction into SignatureInfo (issue #2868)
  • Add new optional AdditionalInfo abstraction for SignatureInfo (issue #3058)
  • Implementation of basic NDNLP2 abstractions (issue #2875, issue #2878, issue #2963, issue #2879)
  • Face::registerPrefix and Face::setInterestFilter are now unified with the use of SigningInfo abstraction (issue #2932)
  • New Dispatcher class to simplify server-side implementation of NFD management protocol (issue #2107)

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fix compilation error with Boost 1.59 (issue #3128)
  • Enhance exception throwing with Boost Exception library (issue #2997)
  • Improvements of string helpers (issue #3006)
  • Add API in Block class to add sub-elements (issue #2998)
  • Add constructor to create sub-elements using the underlying buffer (issue #3100)
  • Fix bug in Block::remove, so it removes all sub-elements of the specified type (issue #2998)
  • Add ability to create util::Digest object from std::istream& (issue #3022)


  • The following methods of CommandOptions class in favor of getSigningInfo and setSigningInfo methods (issue #2893):
    • getSigningParamsKind
    • getSigningIdentity
    • getSigningCertificate
    • setSigningDefault
    • setSigningIdentity
    • setSigningCertificate
    • setSigningCertificate
  • Overloads of Face::registerPrefix and Face::setInterestFilter that do not accept SigningInfo parameter (issue #2932)

Upcoming features (partially implemented in development branches):

  • Introduce new API to simplify security transformations (issue #3009)
  • NDN trust schema as a description of application trust model, which can help automate data and interest packet signing and authentication (issue #2829)
  • Refactored KeyChain abstraction (issue #2926)