NLSR version 0.5.2ΒΆ

Breaking Changes

The following breaking changes makes this release incompatible with the previous version. - Use latest PSync version 0.2.0, sync data compression enabled in full sync by default (issue #5061, issue #4917) - Use the double encoding/decoding functions for hyperbolic coordinates (issue #4615)

New Features

  • Handle zero cost links in Link State Routing (issue #4978)

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Remove support for old combined seq no file (issue #4143)
  • Sync common test infrastructure with ndn-cxx
  • Refactor Certificate Storage class (issue #5075)
  • Avoid crashing NLSR if identity cannot be created
  • Change init order to register sync routes after hello data has been verified (issue #5009)
  • Fix empty file creation if conf file is same as dynamic (issue #5071)
  • On face event notification, only proceed if face id was zero or updated (issue #4394)