NLSR version 0.5.0

New Features

  • Set CanBePrefix to false on Hello Interest (issue #4581)
  • Optionally write prefixes to a copy of config file via nlsrc advertise (issue #4303)
  • Use SegmentPublisher utility from PSync to publish LSA data (issue #4760)
  • Add PSync as a dependency and switch it as default in conf file. (issue #4082)


  • Decouple classes from Nlsr object for easier unit testing (issue #1952)
  • Set sequence number file in SequencingManager constructor. (issue #4288)
  • Read conf file in test prefix update processor instead of static string (issue #3960)
  • Canonize FaceUri in conf file processor (issue #4817)
  • Remove redundant function “calculateHypDryRoutingTable” (issue #4811)
  • In dry run mode, print HR and LS routing table in nlsrc separately (issue #4452)
  • Fix ASan memory leaks in unit tests (issue #4682)
  • Systemd service files dependency corrections for Ubuntu 18.04 (issue #4594)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix processing of interest w/ segments for segmented LSA data (issue #4784)
  • Fib: don’t refresh neighbor router’s FIB entry (issue #4799)
  • Disable Interest filter loopback where ever not needed (issue #4768)
  • Avoid crash when ndn-cxx is compiled with tests by setting canBePrefix (issue #4691)
  • Make sure NLSR is not using any deprecated API (issue #4679)
  • Fix crash in equals operator of adjacency-list (issue #4705)
  • Fix error handling and normalize exit codes


  • Improving documentation for NLSR
  • A beginners’ guide to installing and testing on Fedora