Validation Error Code

The following table defines a list of known codes and their description, which can be returned from the :ndn-cxx:`v2::Validator` interface. Other error codes can be returned by validator implementations outside ndn-cxx codebase.

Error code Short ID Description
0 NO_ERROR No error
1 INVALID_SIGNATURE Invalid signature
2 NO_SIGNATURE Missing signature
3 CANNOT_RETRIEVE_CERT Cannot retrieve certificate
4 EXPIRED_CERT Certificate expired
5 LOOP_DETECTED Loop detected in certification chain
6 MALFORMED_CERT Malformed certificate
7 EXCEEDED_DEPTH_LIMIT Exceeded validation depth limit
8 INVALID_KEY_LOCATOR Key locator violates validation policy
255 IMPLEMENTATION_ERROR Internal implementation error

Specialized validator implementations can use error codes >= 256 to indicate a specialized error.