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 NtlvNamespace defining NDN Packet Format related constants and procedures
 CAsHexHelper class to convert a number to hexadecimal format, for use with stream insertion operators
 CBlockRepresents a TLV element of NDN packet format
 CBufferGeneral-purpose automatically managed/resized buffer
 CConfigFileSystem configuration file for NDN platform
 CDataRepresents a Data packet
 CDelegationRepresents a Delegation
 CDelegationListList of Delegations
 CDigestSha256Represents a signature of DigestSha256 type
 CFaceProvide a communication channel with local or remote NDN forwarder
 CFaceUriUnderlying protocol and address used by a Face
 CInMemoryStorageRepresents in-memory storage
 CInMemoryStorageEntryRepresents an in-memory storage entry
 CInMemoryStorageFifoProvides in-memory storage employing First-In-First-Out (FIFO) replacement policy
 CInMemoryStorageLfuProvides an in-memory storage with Least Frequently Used (LFU) replacement policy
 CInMemoryStorageLruProvides in-memory storage employing Least Recently Used (LRU) replacement policy
 CInMemoryStoragePersistentProvides application cache with persistent storage, of which no replacement policy will be employed
 CInterestRepresents an Interest packet
 CInterestFilterDeclares the set of Interests a producer can serve, which starts with a name prefix, plus an optional regular expression
 CInterestFilterHandleA handle of registered Interest filter
 CKeyParamsBase class for key parameters
 CLinkLink object
 CMetadataObjectClass for RDR-style metadata encoding/decoding
 CMetaInfoA MetaInfo holds the meta info which is signed inside the data packet
 CNameRepresents an absolute name
 CNotificationStreamItemConcept check for an item in a Notification Stream
 COBufferStreamImplements an output stream that constructs ndn::Buffer
 CPacketBaseBase class to allow simple management of packet tags
 CPendingInterestHandleA handle of pending Interest
 CPrefixAnnouncementA prefix announcement object that represents an application's intent of registering a prefix toward itself
 CRegisteredPrefixHandleA handle of registered prefix
 CSignatureHolds SignatureInfo and SignatureValue in a Data packet
 CSignatureInfoRepresents a SignatureInfo TLV element
 CSignatureSha256WithEcdsaRepresents a signature of Sha256WithEcdsa type
 CSignatureSha256WithRsaRepresents a signature of Sha256WithRsa type
 CSimplePublicKeyParamsSimplePublicKeyParams is a template for public keys with only one parameter: size
 CSimpleSymmetricKeyParamsSimpleSymmetricKeyParams is a template for symmetric keys with only one parameter: size
 CSimpleTagTag type for simple types
 CStatusDatasetItemConcept check for an item in a Status Dataset
 CTagBase class for packet tags that can hold any arbitrary information
 CTagHostBase class to store tag information (e.g., inside Interest and Data packets)
 CTcpTransportTransport using TCP socket
 CTransportProvides TLV-block delivery service
 CUnixTransportTransport using Unix stream socket
 CWireDecodableConcept check for TLV abstraction with .wireDecode method and constructible from Block
 CWireEncodableConcept check for TLV abstraction with .wireEncode method
 CWireEncodableWithEncodingBufferConcept check for TLV abstraction with .wireEncode method
 NstdSTL namespace
 Chash< ndn::ethernet::Address >
 Chash< ndn::Name >
 CCachePolicyTagPacket tag for CachePolicy field
 CCongestionMarkTagPacket tag for CongestionMark field
 CIncomingFaceIdTagPacket tag for IncomingFaceId field
 CNextHopFaceIdTagPacket tag for NextHopFaceId field
 CNonDiscoveryTagPacket tag for NonDiscovery field
 CPrefixAnnouncementTagPacket tag for PrefixAnnouncement field