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 NnlsrCopyright (c) 2014-2020, The University of Memphis, Regents of the University of California, Arizona Board of Regents
 CCertificateStoreStore certificates for names
 CAdjacentA neighbor reachable over a Face
 CAdjLsaData abstraction for AdjLsa AdjacencyLsa := ADJACENCY-LSA-TYPE TLV-LENGTH Lsa Adjacency*
 CConfFileProcessorA class containing methods to parse an NLSR configuration file
 CConfParameterA class to house all the configuration parameters for NLSR
 CCoordinateLsaData abstraction for CoordinateLsa CoordinateLsa := COORDINATE-LSA-TYPE TLV-LENGTH Lsa HyperbolicRadius HyperbolicAngle+
 CDatasetInterestHandlerClass to publish all dataset
 CFibMaps names to lists of next hops, and exports this information to NFD
 Cis_iterator< T, typename std::enable_if<!std::is_same< typename std::iterator_traits< T >::value_type, void >::value >::type >
 CLsaData abstraction for Lsa Lsa := LSA-TYPE TLV-LENGTH Name SequenceNumber ExpirationTimePoint
 CNameLsaData abstraction for NameLsa NameLsa := NAME-LSA-TYPE TLV-LENGTH Lsa Name+
 CNextHopData abstraction for Nexthop
 CRoutingTableEntryData abstraction for RouteTableInfo
 CRoutingTableStatusData abstraction for routing table status
 CSyncLogicHandlerNLSR-to-ChronoSync interaction point