NFD version 0.7.0

Release date: January 13, 2020

New features

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Avoid cs::Entry construction during Content Store lookup (issue #4914)
  • Make use of ndn-cxx’s RttEstimator in LpReliability, AsfStrategy, and AccessStrategy (issue #4887)
  • Increase pcap buffer size in Ethernet faces (issue #2441)
  • Make congestion marking less aggressive (issue #5003). The updated implementation is closer to the CoDel algorithm (RFC 8289)
  • Pull FaceTable construction out of Forwarder class (issue #4922, issue #4973)
  • Enable direct certificate fetch in RibManager (issue #2237)
  • Refuse to start NFD if both localhop_security and auto_prefix_propagate are enabled in the configuration file (issue #4989)
  • Fix crash in self-learning strategy when the out-record of a PIT entry does not exist (issue #5022)
  • Use a separate validator and a separate configuration section in nfd.conf for prefix announcements (issue #5031). The default configuration will accept any prefix announcement.
  • Documentation improvements