Todo List
Member nfd::face::NetdevBound::processConfig (OptionalConfigSection configSection, FaceSystem::ConfigContext &context)

#3521 this should be verified in dry-run, but PFs won't publish their *+dev schemes in dry-run

#3521 for each face needed under m_rules: if it's in oldFaces, add to m_faces and remove from oldFaces; otherwise, create via factory and add to m_faces

#3521 close faces in oldFaces

Member nfd::fw::canForwardToLegacy (const pit::Entry &pitEntry, const Face &face)
find a better name for this function
Member nfd::pit::Entry::canMatch (const Interest &interest, size_t nEqualNameComps=0) const
#3162 match ForwardingHint field
Member nfd::pit::Entry::getInterest () const
#3162 require Link field to match the representative Interest
Member nfd::pit::Pit::deleteInOutRecords (Entry *entry, const Face &face)
decide whether to delete PIT entry if there's no more in/out-record left
Member nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::controller
Member nfd::tools::nfdc::StrategyChoiceModule::set (ExecuteContext &ctx)
#3887 list available strategies