name-tree-hashtable.hpp File Reference
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class  nfd::name_tree::Hashtable
 a hashtable for fast exact name lookup More...
class  nfd::name_tree::HashtableOptions
 provides options for Hashtable More...
class  nfd::name_tree::Node
 a hashtable node More...


 Copyright (c) 2014-2015, Regents of the University of California, Arizona Board of Regents, Colorado State University, University Pierre & Marie Curie, Sorbonne University, Washington University in St.


using nfd::name_tree::HashSequence = std::vector< HashValue >
 a sequence of hash values More...
using nfd::name_tree::HashValue = size_t
 a single hash value More...


HashValue nfd::name_tree::computeHash (const Name &name, size_t prefixLen=std::numeric_limits< size_t >::max())
 computes hash value of name.getPrefix(prefixLen) More...
HashSequence nfd::name_tree::computeHashes (const Name &name, size_t prefixLen=std::numeric_limits< size_t >::max())
 computes hash values for each prefix of name.getPrefix(prefixLen) More...
template<typename N , typename F >
void nfd::name_tree::foreachNode (N *head, const F &func)
 invoke a function for each node in a doubly linked list More...
Node * nfd::name_tree::getNode (const Entry &entry)