nfd::cs::Cs Class Reference

implements the Content Store More...

#include <daemon/table/cs.hpp>

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Public Types

using const_iterator = Table::const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 Cs (size_t nMaxPackets=10)
const_iterator begin () const
void enableAdmit (bool shouldAdmit)
 set CS_ENABLE_ADMIT flag More...
void enableServe (bool shouldServe)
 set CS_ENABLE_SERVE flag More...
const_iterator end () const
template<typename AfterEraseCallback >
void erase (const Name &prefix, size_t limit, AfterEraseCallback &&cb)
 asynchronously erases entries under prefix More...
template<typename HitCallback , typename MissCallback >
void find (const Interest &interest, HitCallback &&hit, MissCallback &&miss) const
 finds the best matching Data packet More...
size_t getLimit () const
 get capacity (in number of packets) More...
PolicygetPolicy () const
 get replacement policy More...
void insert (const Data &data, bool isUnsolicited=false)
 inserts a Data packet More...
void setLimit (size_t nMaxPackets)
 change capacity (in number of packets) More...
void setPolicy (unique_ptr< Policy > policy)
 change replacement policy More...
bool shouldAdmit () const
 get CS_ENABLE_ADMIT flag More...
bool shouldServe () const
 get CS_ENABLE_SERVE flag More...
size_t size () const
 get number of stored packets More...

Detailed Description

implements the Content Store

This Content Store implementation consists of a Table and a replacement policy.

The Table is a container ( std::set ) sorted by full Names of stored Data packets. Data packets are wrapped in Entry objects. Each Entry contains the Data packet itself, and a few additional attributes such as when the Data becomes non-fresh.

The replacement policy is implemented in a subclass of Policy.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ const_iterator

using nfd::cs::Cs::const_iterator = Table::const_iterator

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Cs()

nfd::cs::Cs::Cs ( size_t  nMaxPackets = 10)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

const_iterator nfd::cs::Cs::begin ( ) const

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◆ enableAdmit()

void nfd::cs::Cs::enableAdmit ( bool  shouldAdmit)


See also

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◆ enableServe()

void nfd::cs::Cs::enableServe ( bool  shouldServe)


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◆ end()

const_iterator nfd::cs::Cs::end ( ) const

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◆ erase()

template<typename AfterEraseCallback >
void nfd::cs::Cs::erase ( const Name &  prefix,
size_t  limit,
AfterEraseCallback &&  cb 

asynchronously erases entries under prefix

Template Parameters
AfterEraseCallbackvoid f(size_t nErased)
prefixname prefix of entries
limitmax number of entries to erase
cbcallback to receive the actual number of erased entries; must not be empty; it may be invoked either before or after erase() returns

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◆ find()

template<typename HitCallback , typename MissCallback >
void nfd::cs::Cs::find ( const Interest &  interest,
HitCallback &&  hit,
MissCallback &&  miss 
) const

finds the best matching Data packet

Template Parameters
HitCallbackvoid f(const Interest&, const Data&)
MissCallbackvoid f(const Interest&)
interestthe Interest for lookup
hita callback if a match is found; must not be empty
missa callback if there's no match; must not be empty
A lookup invokes either callback exactly once. The callback may be invoked either before or after find() returns

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◆ getLimit()

size_t nfd::cs::Cs::getLimit ( ) const

get capacity (in number of packets)

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◆ getPolicy()

Policy* nfd::cs::Cs::getPolicy ( ) const

get replacement policy

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◆ insert()

void nfd::cs::Cs::insert ( const Data &  data,
bool  isUnsolicited = false 

inserts a Data packet

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◆ setLimit()

void nfd::cs::Cs::setLimit ( size_t  nMaxPackets)

change capacity (in number of packets)

Definition at line 111 of file cs.hpp.

◆ setPolicy()

void nfd::cs::Cs::setPolicy ( unique_ptr< Policy policy)

change replacement policy

size() == 0

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◆ shouldAdmit()

bool nfd::cs::Cs::shouldAdmit ( ) const


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◆ shouldServe()

bool nfd::cs::Cs::shouldServe ( ) const


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◆ size()

size_t nfd::cs::Cs::size ( ) const

get number of stored packets

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