nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule Class Reference

ASF Probing Module. More...

#include <daemon/fw/asf-probing-module.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ProbingModule (AsfMeasurements &measurements)
void afterForwardingProbe (const fib::Entry &fibEntry, const Interest &interest)
FacegetFaceToProbe (const Face &inFace, const Interest &interest, const fib::Entry &fibEntry, const Face &faceUsed)
time::milliseconds getProbingInterval () const
bool isProbingNeeded (const fib::Entry &fibEntry, const Interest &interest)
void scheduleProbe (const fib::Entry &fibEntry, time::milliseconds interval)
void setProbingInterval (size_t probingInterval)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr time::milliseconds DEFAULT_PROBING_INTERVAL = 1_min
static constexpr time::milliseconds MIN_PROBING_INTERVAL = 1_s

Detailed Description

ASF Probing Module.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProbingModule()

nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::ProbingModule ( AsfMeasurements measurements)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ afterForwardingProbe()

void nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::afterForwardingProbe ( const fib::Entry fibEntry,
const Interest &  interest 

Definition at line 121 of file asf-probing-module.cpp.

◆ getFaceToProbe()

Face * nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::getFaceToProbe ( const Face inFace,
const Interest &  interest,
const fib::Entry fibEntry,
const Face faceUsed 

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◆ getProbingInterval()

time::milliseconds nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::getProbingInterval ( ) const

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◆ isProbingNeeded()

bool nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::isProbingNeeded ( const fib::Entry fibEntry,
const Interest &  interest 

Definition at line 103 of file asf-probing-module.cpp.

◆ scheduleProbe()

void nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::scheduleProbe ( const fib::Entry fibEntry,
time::milliseconds  interval 

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◆ setProbingInterval()

void nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::setProbingInterval ( size_t  probingInterval)

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Member Data Documentation


constexpr time::milliseconds nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::DEFAULT_PROBING_INTERVAL = 1_min

Definition at line 92 of file asf-probing-module.hpp.


constexpr time::milliseconds nfd::fw::asf::ProbingModule::MIN_PROBING_INTERVAL = 1_s

Definition at line 93 of file asf-probing-module.hpp.