nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext Class Reference

context for command execution More...

#include <tools/nfdc/execute-command.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

time::nanoseconds getTimeout () const
Controller::CommandFailCallback makeCommandFailureHandler (const std::string &commandName)
ndn::nfd::CommandOptions makeCommandOptions () const
Controller::DatasetFailCallback makeDatasetFailureHandler (const std::string &datasetName)

Public Attributes

const CommandArgumentsargs
Controller & controller
std::ostream & err
 error stream More...
int exitCode
 program exit code More...
Face & face
KeyChain & keyChain
const std::string & noun
std::ostream & out
 output stream More...
const std::string & verb

Detailed Description

context for command execution

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getTimeout()

time::nanoseconds nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::getTimeout ( ) const
timeout for each step

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◆ makeCommandFailureHandler()

Controller::CommandFailCallback nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::makeCommandFailureHandler ( const std::string &  commandName)
handler for command execution failure
commandNamecommand name used in error message (present continuous tense)

Definition at line 46 of file execute-command.cpp.

◆ makeCommandOptions()

ndn::nfd::CommandOptions nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::makeCommandOptions ( ) const

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◆ makeDatasetFailureHandler()

Controller::DatasetFailCallback nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::makeDatasetFailureHandler ( const std::string &  datasetName)
handler for dataset retrieval failure
datasetNamedataset name used in error message (noun phrase)

Definition at line 55 of file execute-command.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ args

const CommandArguments& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::args

Definition at line 77 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ controller

Controller& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::controller

Definition at line 86 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ err

std::ostream& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::err

error stream

Definition at line 81 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ exitCode

int nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::exitCode

program exit code

Definition at line 79 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ face

Face& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::face

Definition at line 83 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ keyChain

KeyChain& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::keyChain

Definition at line 84 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ noun

const std::string& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::noun

Definition at line 75 of file execute-command.hpp.

◆ out

std::ostream& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::out

output stream

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◆ verb

const std::string& nfd::tools::nfdc::ExecuteContext::verb

Definition at line 76 of file execute-command.hpp.