nfd::face::LpFragmenter Class Reference

fragments network-layer packets into NDNLPv2 link-layer packets More...

#include <daemon/face/lp-fragmenter.hpp>


struct  Options
 Options that control the behavior of LpFragmenter. More...

Public Member Functions

 LpFragmenter (const Options &options, const LinkService *linkService=nullptr)
std::tuple< bool, std::vector< lp::Packet > > fragmentPacket (const lp::Packet &packet, size_t mtu)
 fragments a network-layer packet into link-layer packets More...
const LinkServicegetLinkService () const
void setOptions (const Options &options)
 set options for fragmenter More...

Detailed Description

fragments network-layer packets into NDNLPv2 link-layer packets

See also

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LpFragmenter()

nfd::face::LpFragmenter::LpFragmenter ( const Options options,
const LinkService linkService = nullptr 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ fragmentPacket()

std::tuple< bool, std::vector< lp::Packet > > nfd::face::LpFragmenter::fragmentPacket ( const lp::Packet &  packet,
size_t  mtu 

fragments a network-layer packet into link-layer packets

packetan LpPacket that contains a network-layer packet; must have Fragment field, must not have FragIndex and FragCount fields
mtumaximum allowable LpPacket size after fragmentation and sequence number assignment
whether fragmentation succeeded, fragmented packets without sequence number

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◆ getLinkService()

const LinkService * nfd::face::LpFragmenter::getLinkService ( ) const
LinkService that owns this instance

This is only used for logging, and may be nullptr.

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◆ setOptions()

void nfd::face::LpFragmenter::setOptions ( const Options options)

set options for fragmenter

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