nfd::face::InternalClientTransport Class Referencefinal

Implements a client-side transport that can be paired with an InternalForwarderTransport. More...

#include <daemon/face/internal-transport.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ~InternalClientTransport () final
void close () final
void connectToForwarder (InternalForwarderTransport *forwarder)
 Connect to a forwarder-side transport. More...
void pause () final
void receivePacket (const Block &packet) final
void resume () final
void send (const Block &wire) final
void send (const Block &header, const Block &payload) final

Detailed Description

Implements a client-side transport that can be paired with an InternalForwarderTransport.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~InternalClientTransport()

nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::~InternalClientTransport ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ close()

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::close ( )

Definition at line 110 of file internal-transport.hpp.

◆ connectToForwarder()

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::connectToForwarder ( InternalForwarderTransport forwarder)

Connect to a forwarder-side transport.

forwarderthe forwarder-side transport to connect to; may be nullptr

The connected forwarder-side transport will be disconnected automatically if this method is called again, or if that transport is closed. It's safe to use InternalClientTransport without a connected forwarder-side transport: all sent packets would be lost, and nothing would be received.

Definition at line 82 of file internal-transport.cpp.

◆ pause()

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::pause ( )

Definition at line 115 of file internal-transport.hpp.

◆ receivePacket()

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::receivePacket ( const Block &  packet)

Implements nfd::face::InternalTransportBase.

Definition at line 107 of file internal-transport.cpp.

◆ resume()

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::resume ( )

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◆ send() [1/2]

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::send ( const Block &  wire)

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◆ send() [2/2]

void nfd::face::InternalClientTransport::send ( const Block &  header,
const Block &  payload 

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