nfd::log Namespace Reference


static void onConfig (const ConfigSection &section, bool isDryRun, const std::string &)
static ndn::util::LogLevel parseLogLevel (const ConfigSection &item, const std::string &key)
void setConfigFile (ConfigFile &config)

Function Documentation

◆ onConfig()

static void nfd::log::onConfig ( const ConfigSection section,
bool  isDryRun,
const std::string &   

Definition at line 46 of file log-config-section.cpp.

◆ parseLogLevel()

static ndn::util::LogLevel nfd::log::parseLogLevel ( const ConfigSection item,
const std::string &  key 

Definition at line 35 of file log-config-section.cpp.

◆ setConfigFile()

void nfd::log::setConfigFile ( ConfigFile config)

Definition at line 90 of file log-config-section.cpp.