nfd::pit Namespace Reference


class  DataMatchResult
 An unordered iterable of all PIT entries matching Data. More...
class  Entry
 An Interest table entry. More...
class  FaceRecord
 Contains information about an Interest on an incoming or outgoing face. More...
class  InRecord
 Contains information about an Interest from an incoming face. More...
class  Iterator
 PIT iterator. More...
class  OutRecord
 Contains information about an Interest toward an outgoing face. More...
class  Pit
 Represents the Interest Table. More...


using DataMatchResult = std::vector< shared_ptr< Entry > >
typedef std::list< InRecordInRecordCollection
 An unordered collection of in-records. More...
typedef std::list< OutRecordOutRecordCollection
 An unordered collection of out-records. More...


static bool nteHasPitEntries (const name_tree::Entry &nte)

Typedef Documentation

◆ DataMatchResult

using nfd::pit::DataMatchResult = typedef std::vector<shared_ptr<Entry> >

Definition at line 43 of file pit.hpp.

◆ InRecordCollection

An unordered collection of in-records.

Definition at line 44 of file pit-entry.hpp.

◆ OutRecordCollection

An unordered collection of out-records.

Definition at line 48 of file pit-entry.hpp.

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◆ nteHasPitEntries()

static bool nfd::pit::nteHasPitEntries ( const name_tree::Entry nte)

Definition at line 32 of file pit.cpp.