nfd::fw::AdmitNetworkUnsolicitedDataPolicy Class Reference

admits unsolicited Data from non-local faces More...

#include <daemon/fw/unsolicited-data-policy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

UnsolicitedDataDecision decide (const Face &inFace, const Data &data) const final

Static Public Member Functions

static unique_ptr< UnsolicitedDataPolicycreate (const std::string &policyName)
static std::set< std::string > getPolicyNames ()
template<typename P >
static void registerPolicy (const std::string &policyName=P::POLICY_NAME)

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string POLICY_NAME

Detailed Description

admits unsolicited Data from non-local faces

Definition at line 114 of file unsolicited-data-policy.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

unique_ptr< UnsolicitedDataPolicy > nfd::fw::UnsolicitedDataPolicy::create ( const std::string &  policyName)
an UnsolicitedDataPolicy identified by policyName, or nullptr if policyName is unknown

Definition at line 53 of file unsolicited-data-policy.cpp.

UnsolicitedDataDecision nfd::fw::AdmitNetworkUnsolicitedDataPolicy::decide ( const Face &  inFace,
const Data &  data 
) const

Implements nfd::fw::UnsolicitedDataPolicy.

Definition at line 94 of file unsolicited-data-policy.cpp.

std::set< std::string > nfd::fw::UnsolicitedDataPolicy::getPolicyNames ( )
a list of available policy names

Definition at line 61 of file unsolicited-data-policy.cpp.

template<typename P >
static void nfd::fw::UnsolicitedDataPolicy::registerPolicy ( const std::string &  policyName = P::POLICY_NAME)

Definition at line 62 of file unsolicited-data-policy.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

const std::string nfd::fw::AdmitNetworkUnsolicitedDataPolicy::POLICY_NAME

Definition at line 121 of file unsolicited-data-policy.hpp.