nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options Class Reference

Options that control the behavior of GenericLinkService. More...

#include <daemon/face/generic-link-service.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

constexpr Options () noexcept

Public Attributes

bool allowCongestionMarking = false
 enables send queue congestion detection and marking More...
bool allowFragmentation = false
 enables fragmentation More...
bool allowLocalFields = false
 enables encoding of IncomingFaceId, and decoding of NextHopFaceId and CachePolicy More...
bool allowReassembly = false
 enables reassembly More...
bool allowSelfLearning = true
 enables self-learning forwarding support More...
time::nanoseconds baseCongestionMarkingInterval = 100_ms
 starting value for congestion marking interval More...
size_t defaultCongestionThreshold = 65536
 default congestion threshold in bytes More...
LpFragmenter::Options fragmenterOptions
 options for fragmentation More...
LpReassembler::Options reassemblerOptions
 options for reassembly More...
LpReliability::Options reliabilityOptions
 options for reliability More...

Detailed Description

Options that control the behavior of GenericLinkService.

Definition at line 98 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

constexpr nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::Options ( )

Definition at line 102 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::allowCongestionMarking = false

enables send queue congestion detection and marking

Definition at line 133 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

bool nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::allowFragmentation = false

enables fragmentation

Definition at line 113 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

bool nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::allowLocalFields = false

enables encoding of IncomingFaceId, and decoding of NextHopFaceId and CachePolicy

Definition at line 109 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

bool nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::allowReassembly = false

enables reassembly

Definition at line 121 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

bool nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::allowSelfLearning = true

enables self-learning forwarding support

Definition at line 149 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

time::nanoseconds nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::baseCongestionMarkingInterval = 100_ms

starting value for congestion marking interval

The default value (100 ms) is taken from RFC 8289 (CoDel).

Definition at line 139 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

size_t nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::defaultCongestionThreshold = 65536

default congestion threshold in bytes

The default value (64 KiB) works well for a queue capacity of 200 KiB.

Definition at line 145 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

LpFragmenter::Options nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::fragmenterOptions

options for fragmentation

Definition at line 117 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

LpReassembler::Options nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::reassemblerOptions

options for reassembly

Definition at line 125 of file generic-link-service.hpp.

LpReliability::Options nfd::face::GenericLinkService::Options::reliabilityOptions

options for reliability

Definition at line 129 of file generic-link-service.hpp.