NFD Release Notes

NFD version 0.6.6

Release date: April 29, 2019

Note that this is the last release that encodes to NDN packet format version 0.2.1. A future release will continue to decode v0.2.1 format, but will encode to v0.3 format.

New features

  • Initial code changes for self-learning for broadcast and ad hoc wireless faces (issue #4281)
    • EndpointId field in PIT in-record and out-record (issue #4842)
    • FaceEndpoint parameter in Forwarding and Strategy API (issue #4849)

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fix to properly handle consumer retransmission in AsfStrategy (issue #4874)
  • Fix compilation error when dropping privileges is not supported, e.g., on Android platform (issue #4833)
  • Replace all uses of BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION with NDN_THROW, and custom nfd::getExtendedErrorMessage with standard boost::diagnostic_information for error message formatting (issue #4834)
  • Fix compilation against recent versions of Boost libraries (issue #4890, issue #4923)
  • Fix display of satisfied/unsatisfied Interests in nfd-status-http-server (issue #4720)
  • Move NFD_VERSION{,_BUILD}_STRING to version.cpp to avoid re-compilation when the git commit hash changes
  • Code optimizations, modernizations, and deduplications:
    • Switch to use ndn-cxx’s getRandomNumberEngine()
    • Switch to std::thread and thread_local
  • Code reorganization:
    • Move entire rib subdir to daemon/rib, except for RibManager, which is moved to daemon/mgmt (issue #4528)
    • Move NFD-specific files from core/ to daemon/ folder (issue #4922)
    • Eliminate scheduler::{schedule,cancel} wrappers
    • Merge ManagerBase with NfdManagerBase (issue #4528)
    • Introduce and make use of NullLinkService and NullTransport (issue #4528)
  • Test suite refactoring
    • IdentityManagementFixture renamed to KeyChainFixture and no longer derives from BaseFixture
    • Introduce ClockFixture
    • unit-tests-{core,tools} no longer require a global io_service
    • Eliminate use of Selectors in CS tests (issue #4805)
  • Update documentation


  • Support for unit-tests.conf (use NDN_LOG to customize)