NFD Release Notes

NFD version 0.6.5

Release date: February 4, 2019

Note that this is the last release that encodes to NDN packet format version 0.2.1. A future release will continue to decode v0.2.1 format, but will encode to v0.3 format.

New features

  • Self-learning forwarding strategy (Issue #4279)
  • Support IPv6-only WebSocket channels (Issue #4710)
  • Add satisfied and unsatisfied counters to forwarder status management and tools (Issue #4720)
  • Report face MTU in faces/list and faces/query datasets (Issue #4763)

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Stop using the global scheduler in RIB (Issue #4528)
  • Reimplement auto prefix propagation on top of the readvertise framework (Issue #3819)
  • Don’t set SO_BINDTODEVICE on Android (Issue #4761)
  • Set EthernetTransport UP/DOWN based on netif state (Issue #3352)
  • Update WebSocket++ to 0.8.1
  • Add EndpointId field in NextHop record (Issue #4284)
  • Seed the global PRNG with more entropy
  • Use ndn-cxx scheduler::ScopedEventId (Issue #4698)
  • Improvements with systemd integration (Issue #2815)


  • Remove obsolete upstart files
  • Delete deprecated ClientControlStrategy (Issue #3783)