NFD Release Notes

NFD version 0.6.1

Release date: February 19, 2018

New features:

  • (potentially breaking change) nfd-status-http-server now requires Python 3
  • Congestion detection and signaling for TCP, UDP, and Unix stream transports. This feature can be managed through the configuration file and nfdc, and is enabled by default (Issue #4362, Issue #4465)
  • nfdc cs info command that shows CS hits and CS misses (Issue #4219, Issue #4438)
  • Support for non-listening UDP channels (Issue #4098)
  • IPv6 UDP multicast transport (Issue #4222)
  • Strategy notification for packet drops in LpReliability (Issue #3823)
  • NonDiscovery and PrefixAnnouncement encoding/decoding in GenericLinkService (Issue #4280, Issue #4355)

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Added more ways in nfdc for a user to ask for help, including 'nfdc foo help', 'nfdc foo --help', and 'nfdc foo -h' (Issue #4503)
  • Added privilege elevation in MulticastUdpTransport that was preventing NFD from running with effective non-root user (Issue #4507)
  • Fixed crash when configuration file lacks an 'authorizations' section (Issue #4487)
  • Made the exit status consistent across all tools
  • Fixed build when std::to_string is not available (Issue #4393)
  • Made AsfStrategy less sensitive, switching the path only after multiple timeouts. The number of timeouts is configurable via a strategy parameter (Issue #4193)
  • Introduce depth limit in the Measurements table, limit the accepted prefix length for RIB, FIB, and StrategyChoice management commands (Issue #4262)
  • Improved test cases and documentation