Background: Euihyun Jung


Euihyun Jung is an associate professor of Dept. of Computer Science at Anyang University in Korea. He received BS, MS and Ph.D. of Electronic Engineering from Hanyang Univserity in Seoul, Korea at 1992, 1994, 1999 respectively. He had worked for several years at major IT companies in Korea and joined Anyang University since 2004.

Research Interests:

Computer Networks and Machine Learning. He has been studying various research issues on them including Semantic Web, Sensor Network, Data Mining, and Internet of Things.

NDN Plans:

First, I plan to make a social collaboration system for IoT. The system will be deployed at Anyang University and it will run on the NDN testbed. In the system, any participant who has a Raspberry Pi can join the system and provide its data as a producer. Users of the system can browse the data gathered from the crowdsourcing. However, In the test period, a limited number of participants would be joined in Korea and UCLA for adjusting and optimizing the NDN application on Raspberry Pi. Sadly, I’ve not published NDN-related papers yet, because I’m a newer in this research area. However, I expect I can get a result within six months from the system and publish the result.