ndnsec-get-default is a tool to display the default setting of a particular entity.


$ ndnsec-get-default [-h] [-kc] [-i identity|-K key] [-q]


Given a particular entity, ndnsec-get-default can display its default setting as specified in options. If identity is specified, the given entity becomes the identity. If key is specified, the given identity becomes the key. If no entity is specified, the command will take the system default identity as the given entity.


Display the given entity’s default key name.
Display the given entity’s default certificate name.
-i identity
Display default setting of the identity
-K key
Display default setting of the key.
Disable trailling new line character.


Display an identity’s default key name.

$ ndnsec-get-default -k -i /ndn/test/alice

Display an identity’s default certificate name.

$ ndnsec-get-default -c -i /ndn/test/alice

Display a key’s default certificate name.

$ ndnsec-get-default -c -K /ndn/test/alice/ksk-1394129695025