Release Notes

ndn-cxx version 0.4.0

Release date: December 31, 2015


Version 0.4.0 introduces several breaking changes to API and wire format of management protocols

Changes since version 0.3.4:

New features:

  • (breaking change) LocalControlHeader for special signaling between application and NFD has been replaced with NDNLPv2 signaling (Issue #2879, Issue #2930)
  • NDNLPv2 Network NACK support in Face abstraction (Issue #2930)
  • (breaking change) FacePersistency field added to API and wire format of ControlParameters abstraction (Issue #2991)
  • (breaking change) NACK counters added to ForwarderStatus and FaceStatus datasets (Issue #3174)
  • Backport C++14 std::make_unique (Issue #3093)
  • Emulate std::to_string on platforms that do not provide it (Issue #2743)
  • New API in Face class to remove all pending Interests (Issue #3300)
  • Ability to choose signing parameters (a specific certificate, the default certificate for a key, or the default certificate for the default key) using a specially URI string (Issue #3281)
  • Ability to create Face with custom IO service and default transport (Issue #2500)

Improvements and bug fixes:


  • Overloads of Face::registerPrefix and Face::setInterestFilter that do not accept SigningInfo parameter (Issue #2932)
  • tlvdump tool (Issue #3196). Use ndn-dissect program from ndn-tools repository
  • ndn::util::makeDummyClientFace, use ndn::util::DummyClientFace constructors directly (Issue #3146)
  • ndn::util::DummyClientFace::sentDatas, use ndn::util::DummyClientFace.sentData instead (Issue #3146)


Planned features for future releases:

  • Introduce new API to simplify security transformations (Issue #3009)
  • NDN trust schema as a description of application trust model, which can help automate data and interest packet signing and authentication (Issue #2829)
  • Refactored KeyChain abstraction (Issue #2926)