nlsr::security::CertificateStore Class Reference

Store certificates for names. More...

#include <certificate-store.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void insert (const ndn::security::v2::Certificate &certificate)
const ndn::security::v2::Certificate * find (const ndn::Name keyName)

Detailed Description

Store certificates for names.

Stores certificates that this router claims to be authoritative for. That is, this stores only the certificates that we will reply to KEY interests with, e.g. when other routers are verifying data we have sent.

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Member Function Documentation

const ndn::security::v2::Certificate* nlsr::security::CertificateStore::find ( const ndn::Name  keyName)

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void nlsr::security::CertificateStore::insert ( const ndn::security::v2::Certificate &  certificate)

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