NFD Release Notes

NFD version 0.6.3

Release date: September 18, 2018

Note that this is the last release that encodes to NDN packet format version 0.2.1. A future release will continue to decode v0.2.1 format, but will encode to v0.3 format.

The build requirements have been upgraded to gcc >= 5.3 or clang >= 3.6, boost >= 1.58, openssl >= 1.0.2. This effectively drops support for all versions of Ubuntu older than 16.04 that use distribution-provided compilers and packages.

The compilation now uses the C++14 standard.

New features

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Make LRU the default CS replacement policy (Issue #4728)
  • Refactor logging to use ndn-cxx logging framework (Issue #4580)
  • Directly use asio::ip::address::from_string instead of ndn-cxx provided helpers (Boost.Asio >= 1.58 includes necessary fixes)
  • Avoid use of deprecated {get,set}FinalBlockId
  • Improve and simplify code with modern C++ features
  • Improve test cases
  • Improve documentation