NFD Release Notes

NFD version 0.4.0

Release date: December 31, 2015


Version 0.4.0 introduces several breaking changes to API and wire format of management protocols

Changes since version 0.3.4:

New features:

Updates and bug fixes:

  • (breaking change) Redesign of automatic prefix propagation, formerly known as remote prefix registration (Issue #3211, Issue #2413)

    This includes a backward-incompatible change to NFD’s configuration file:

    • rib.remote_register section has been removed and, if present, will cause failure for NFD to start
    • rib.auto_prefix_propagate section has been added to control automatic prefix propagation feature
  • Adapt pcap filter in EthernetTransport to accept only untagged frames (Issue #3348)

  • Increase the initial suppression interval in BestRouteStrategy2 to 250ms (Issue #3230)

  • Fix potential crash in Measurements::get(Fib::s_emptyEntry) (Issue #3275)

  • Fix memory leak in PriorityFifoPolicy (Issue #3236)

  • Display extended information for fatal NFD errors (Issue #2541)

  • Compilation fixes for clang-700.0.72 (Apple LLVM 7.0.0) (Issue #3209)

  • Properly handle exception from NetworkMonitor when the platform doesn’t support it (Issue #3195)

  • Multiple test suite improvements (Issue #3322, Issue #3306, Issue #3305, Issue #3307, Issue #3346, Issue #3327)


  • BroadcastStrategy (/localhost/nfd/strategy/broadcast) renamed as MulticastStrategy (/localhost/nfd/strategy/multicast) (Issue #3011)
  • ForwarderStatus dataset retrievable using /localhost/nfd/status name, use /localhost/nfd/status/general instead.


  • NotificationStream, replaced by the version in ndn-cxx library (Issue #2144)

Known issues:

  • NFD currently has a known limitation in supporting the retrieval of data using full names, i.e., names with the implicit digest (Issue #3363). This limitation will be addressed in the next release.